As I mentioned in Sunday’s post, I made curtains for the dining room over the weekend.

Mike picked out the fabric at Hancock Fabrics in Twin Falls. Before this trip we’d never been into a Hancock Fabrics, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that their home decor selection is way better than Joann’s.  Especially if you’re of the more modern set.

To go with this fabric, I had to buy my first ever spool of gold thread.

{Believe me, that’s definitely a first!}

For simplicity’s sake, I used the width of the fabric (54 inches) as the width of my curtain. Laying the fabric out on the floor, I folded over all four sides and pinned with sewing pins. I pulled out my handy dandy sewing machine (which I haven’t used in at least two years!) and somehow managed to thread the bobbin and the machine without any mishaps. I was jumping around in pleasure at this point. Because as we all know, threading the machine is pretty much the hardest part.

After sewing all four sides on both panels, I hung the curtains on clip rings. I didn’t know about clip rings until recently, and let me tell you, they are a revelation. No curtain sleeve or sewn on tabs needed.  The just clip (securely) right onto your top seam. Brilliant!

Because I want these curtains to fold in a pleated way and I can’t iron the fabric (nor do I own a steamer), I folded up them up, tied them loosely, and left them to sit overnight.

Now here’s the fun part, pictures!  As a recap, here’s the sliding door before :

… and after!

{Ok, I’m done.}

Though I sewed these bad boys, this project could very easily be accomplished with fabric tape.

So, with the tablescape of yesterday, the upcoming living room makeover, a new chandelier (clearly!), and a new floor in the spring, this room is going to be rocking.

So let’s hear it! Have you ever (successfully or unsuccessfully) made curtains?  I’ve had my fair share of curtain making disasters, let me tell you.


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