As you can probably tell, paper was big for me this year. Here’s my last big festive paper project to share for the holidays.

Actually, let me backtrack a little bit. Does anyone out there use Evernote? I discovered it a couple months ago, and while there are many ways to utilize it’s awesomeness, I mostly use it to horde cool craft and DIY projects that I don’t want to forget about, but also don’t want to/don’t have time to/can’t do in the near future.

For example, I’m currently hording this key rack, this literary wreath, and this nifty travel map. Among many, many others. I also clip neat images of things that I just generally like, like which paint finishes to use in which room, this awesome cool toned house, and how West Elm gets creative with paper.

Oh, and there is an Evernote app for my Droid, so I have all this stuff handy on the run. Pretty awesome, right?

Which brings me (finally) back to my point. While dreaming up my paper-laden holiday decor, I remembered a pretty funky paper garland I saw on a blog. But what blog? When? Evernote to the rescue! I saw it over on Mini-Eco, a couple months ago.

I cut the paper strips quick and easy using a rotary cutter and mat. Feeding them through the sewing machine was also super fast. The whole project took me 30 minutes. They are hung in the kitchen window, where they swivel nicely with all the movement and cooking that goes on in there. Inbetween the garland I placed some Glenhilda clippings in a small galvanized pail.

Do you use anything to organize your web finds in one place? Let’s hear it!

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