In true Sara fashion I am revealing a project that’s not quite finished. But it’s really close to done and I just couldn’t wait any longer. Introducing the platform bed with built in dog trundle!

It all started with two sheets of birch plywood, one small sheet of MDF, some leftover 2×4′s, a can of stain and a can of poly. Oh and the dog trundle, of course.

In total not-typical-House-Bella I stained the birch instead of painting it a solid color. I used Minwax Ebony. I either wasn’t aware, or didn’t remember, how very stinky stain is. The bed spent two weeks off-gassing in the garage before I put on the two coats of poly.

I actually like it’s slightly rustic feel. It’s a nice balance against our modern leanings. Not that you ever see the top of the bed…

To finish this masterpiece we need to install a finish piece of wood around the platform (where you can see plain birch in the images) and reface the front of the dog trundle. The trundle was originally faced with MDF (which can’t be stained) because we didn’t know we were going to stain the rest of it. We’re going to fit a “dummy” piece of stained birch on the front along with a handle to pull it out.

Speaking of the workings of the trundle, do you want to see? Oh good, because we recorded a little video:

I’ll post a “how we did it” tutorial soon, but for now I am just so smitten that I can share the images! (But if you’re dying to know how we did it, we loosely followed the video instructions of this guy – but adapted to have the trundle underneath).

If you want to learn more about our decision to build a platform bed with a dog trundle, check out Doggie Trundle, Platform Bed: yay or nay?, Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner, and Finishing Touches.

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