Sometimes putting finishing touches on a project is the hardest part, don’t you think? The trundle bed has been completely finished for quite a few weeks now, but it did take a long time to get there after revealing it in April.

We finished the bed off by fronting the dog trundle, adding a handle, and attaching stained trim around the platform.

The front was created using the same birch plywood we used for the rest of the bed. We puzzled two pieces together that were cut with a jigsaw. A nice heavy cabinet pull was added to aid in pulling out the trundle – it was a building material thrift store find.

The finished edges were hammered on with finishing nails. They are pieces of trim that we cut to fit and stained. Lastly, I painted the interior of the trundle the same green as the nightstand chairs (but that will be changing…a little teaser for later this week!).


If you’re interested in making a similar platform bed, we used this brief tutorial and adapted it to accommodate our self-designed dog trundle. To see the dog trundle in action, check out our video!

P/S: our dog trundle platform bed was featured on Apartment Therapy. How cool is that?

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