{alternate title: I Almost Peed My Pants}

Sometimes on my lunch break I like to swing by the two thrift stores that are within walking distance of my office. But first let me tell you something that might make you retch a little bit. Mike and I eat lunch together every. single. day. Our offices are only a block away, and it’s easier to pack one lunch then to pack two. So every day Mike wanders over here around noon and we sit in my office’s spacious kitchen and eat lunch. Gross, right?

But to the point, Mike likes to take 15 minutes for lunch and I get a full hour. So about twice a month I use those extra 45 minutes and check out the Barkin’ Basement and The Attic.  The first benefits the local no-kill animal shelter, and the second benefits a domestic violence non-profit. They both have a lot of furniture, books, glassware, clothing, ski equipment, etc. Most of it is not to my taste, but occasionally I find a gem. Yesterday I found the biggest gem yet in my lunch thrifting adventures.

A 1960′s Danish modern chair designed by Hans Olsen for Frem Rojle. I spotted it from across the room and promptly beelined, picked up the chair, and flipped it over to see the Frem Rejle branded mark on the bottom. Price tag? $10.

This chair was originally part of a beautiful dining set where the chair backs integrated into the table edge (see it here).  I hunted down the thrift store manager and asked if any other chairs (or a table) came in with this one, but he said it came in solo. The chair is made of teak wood, and the chair seat appears to be a textured vinyl. A set of four of these chairs recently sold on ebay for $772. So my $10 find? Almost made me pee my pants.

I have never restored or treated interior teak before, and this chair needs a little love. Do you have any tips or hints for restoring teak?



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