Earlier this week I shared the evolution a living room wall. It went from bare, to sort of bare, to a little more lively. But I wasn’t done with it.

When originally planning my office makeover, I was contemplating adding molding to the walls. I decided not to, but in the process of researching I found a fantastic image on Pinterest of rectangle molding detail over a fireplace.

The spot over my fireplace is already taken, so I immediately began to think of it for around the flatscreen TV.

I started off the project by snaking the TV wires through the wall. This took longer than expected because I quickly realized my existing cords weren’t long enough to accomodate my wishes. One order from Amazon Prime and two days later I was good to.

I measured the length and width of the frame I wanted around the television and found a simple wood molding at Home Depot. The best way to ensure that your frame will be square on the edges is to cut your pieces together with a miter saw. I measured one piece to the right specifications, stacked a second piece of molding on top of it, and cut them together. It guarantees two equal lengths!

Next step: mark your frame out on the wall with pencil. I marked an equal distance out and up from the mounting bracket on the TV. Bad move. The mounting bracket, at least on my TV, is not directly aligned in the middle of the TV. D’oh. Measure instead out from the edges of the screen.

Tape on the inside of your pencil lines with painters tape (I use FrogTape).

This will make installation of the molding much easier. To attach the molding, I used a nail gun. You could also use finishing nails with a hammer and nail set.

Now we’re getting somewhere! Next up is working some of the details. The molding will sit slightly off the wall, so it’s important to fill the inside and outside edges with latex caulk. Also use the caulk to fill in the small gaps where the edges meet on the corners.

Using a wood filler, fill in the nail holes created when hanging the molding. Let the wood filler dry completely, and sand down to flush.

I decided to paint the frame and wall behind the television one color. Riding on the success of mixing my own paint color for the office walls, I decided to mix again. My target? The dark coral accent color of the fabric in the media center shelves.

Using paint I had on hand, and with a little trial and error, I was able to match the color exactly.

After taping off the outside edges of the frame I began to paint. Luckily, the TV was right there to keep me entertained.

After two coats I removed the painters tape (remember: remove the painters tape when your last coat is still wet. Otherwise, you risk peeling off paint with the tape!).

And to quote my dear husband, “Woah, that’s pink.” Yeah. Really pink. It does match the fabric, which was my intention, but sometimes even our best intentions go astray. Like with any project I’m not sure I like at the end, I have let this sit for two weeks. And…it’s still really pink. No matter. I love the molding, and will paint over it with another color. The only thing holding me back is – I don’t know which color to go with!

I’m still marking the project a success because I love the frame molding – it gives the wall definition and the TV a more refined and intentional look.

Disclaimer: As a member of the FrogTape Blog Squad, I want to thank FrogTape for sponsoring this post. All opinions, projects and ideas expressed herein are my own.

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