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Home Improvement Flooring Options to Make the House Pet Friendly

Improving the House to be Pet Friendly

There is not much written about how homeowners could improve their house to become pet friendly. If you a pet lover, it might disappoint you that most modern houses are not really pet friendly. Taking care of pets will need attention and time, and most of all a home that is comfortable.

If you are a pet person and you are planning to make your house friendly for your lovies then you need to remodel or arrange the house accordingly. You can always start making home improvements on the flooring. When planning for flooring options, there are some aspects that you need to consider like durability, comfort and style. If you don’t know what to choose for your pet, below are some of the best options for them:

Bamboo flooring option: If you have home pets, it is recommended that you get bamboo flooring. According to experts, this type of material does not wear out easily. If you have so much pet traffic, bamboo material can be able to stand since it is naturally hard and flexible at some point. It is also stain resistant and most of all very renewable (green).

Stone flooring options: Most pets have claws like cats and dogs. If your flooring material is very brittle then there is a tendency that you will see scratches and marks everywhere. Stone flooring is naturally hard so it can prevent marks and scratches from appearing. For most pets, stone flooring is comfortable since it is cold.

Floors with hard surface: having so many pets require hard flooring, whether it is concrete or polished stone. According to interior designers, bare concrete floors are not boring at all. However, if you want to have some pop of colors then you can go with painted concrete, brick and terrazzo.

Luxury vinyl floor: If you want a floor that has a lot more to give in terms of efficiency and aesthetics, go with luxury vinyl. This is a common flooring material nowadays because it is affordable and stylish. Moreover, its extra thickness is also perfect to fight off your pet’s pointed claws.  

Tile as home’s flooring: When it comes to resistance to stain, ceramic tiles are the best consideration that you can find in the home improvement market. For everyday wear and tear challenge with your pets, this material will always come out unscathed. Whether your pets are playful or not, the floor’s condition will not be damaged. Although this material tends to be uncomfortable for pets to lie around, you can polish its surface through the help of rugs. This material has proof against toe nail so the look will remain the same after many years.


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