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The Most Effective Cleaning Method to Remove Your Dog’s Poop from Your Lovely Boise, ID Carpet

How to Remove Poop Stain from Your Carpet?

If you have not potty trained your dog yet, expect that there will be poop all over your home. What’s worse that could happen is if your dog does it on your carpet. For sure, you are reading this carpet cleaning in Boise, ID article because you care about your carpet as much as with your beloved pet. What is the most effective way to remove dog poop stain from your lovely carpets?

How to remove solid poop from your carpet?

Be thankful if it is a solid dog poop as it is very easy to handle it your way. First, be sure that you wear a latex glove when picking up your dog’s poop. You may also use paper towel. Make sure that there are no reminisces left. Then spray the area with disinfectant solution and blot it with paper towel or white cloth.

How to remove semi-solid to diarrhoea type poop from your carpet?

If it is semi-solid poop from your dog, start it by picking up the pieces of it first as per instruction above. Be extra careful in doing it since you may press the poop deeper into the fibers. If your dog had diarrhoea, continue cleaning it by scooping the feces with a paper towel. Immediately put it in the garbage so that its smell will be contained.

If there are still dried poop left, scrape it carefully with a fork in a motions like you are raking some leaves. Stop it as soon as you notice that the fibers are being pulled up as this could lead to damaging your carpet. Be more thorough by vacuuming whatever is left on it. In a bowl, mix gently 1 to 1 1/2 cup of water with 1 cup of white vinegar and apply it on the affected area of your carpet. By gently blotting it with a paper towel or white cloth, all the excess liquid is absorbed. Continue blotting the water with white vinegar solution onto the stain until there is none stain left.

How to remove the lingering poop odor from your carpet?

All you need to do is to sprinkle a bit of baking soda over the affected area and have it sit for at least two hours. Afterwards, do the vacuuming again to remove the baking soda particles. As finishing, spray your carpet with a disinfectant.

If the problem is just too much for you to handle and you not that very familiar with the basics of carpet cleaning, it is better that you hire professional carpet cleaning in Boise, ID,


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