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Tips in Drawing Up a Plan and Layout of a Small Living Room

Tips in Designing a Small Living Room Space

While having home improvement projects on your home, one of the things that you need to accomplish is in designing and laying out the plan for your living room. The living room is one of the most important rooms in your house considering that it’s the place where guests are entertained and where members of the family spend time together.

So if you’re tasked to draw up a design and layout for your living room, especially, a smaller one, here are tips on how to arrange a compact living room to satisfy your need for comfort and style.

First, highlight mirrors and wallpapers. These things can definitely help when your living room is short on windows. You can create a focal point, add depth, and boost the room’s lighting all at once by simply papering the walls and hanging a mirror on top. If there’s an opportunity to hang the mirror across from a window, the better. This is because the mirror will reflect the view outside which gives the impression of an extra window.

Second, use small-scale furniture. There’s more to amazing living room than bulky armchairs and oversized sofas. Try visiting antique shops or your favourite furniture shops and look for small-scale furniture. Antique shops are the best places to shop for these types of furniture because the last half of the century was characterised by smaller furniture.

Third, choose furniture with built-in storage. A coffee table with a cabinet or a storage ottoman can do the work. In doing so, you can use these spaces to keep all other stuff that you have and limit clutter in the living room.

Fourth, pick the right type of sofa. For a smaller living room space, a full-size sofa won’t do. Consider having a slimmer love seat or a petite sofa. You may also try a backless sofa in the middle of the room. The best thing about a backless sofa is that it exudes a chic and minimalist appearance and be used from both sides.

Finally, add some plants. Like mirrors and wallpapers, plants can also add depth to a limited living room space. A bunch of greenery softens the corner and can relax the eyes. Plants are very effective when placed in corners and behind or beside chairs and sofas. Make sure, however, that the plants you use do not attract insects and can withstand indoor conditions.


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